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Dairy Farm Services

We can provide your dairy with a full spectrum of veterinary services including:


• Full investigatory service for all production and infectious disease.

• Routine dairy fertility visits with ultrasound scanning

• Bull breeding soundness examination with semen evaluation

• Mastitis/ SCC investigation

• Proactive foot care including lameness investigation, foot trimming with our hydraulic crush and     

   lameness scoring

• Herd accreditation scheme work

• Herd health planning

• Metabolic profiling and nutritional advice


We offer fertility visits for dairy cattle with pregnancy diagnosis from 28 days, post calving checks and examination of animals where oestrus has not been observed using the most modern ultrasound equipment.  With no visit fee when these visits are booked in routinely and competitive prices for pridsync and ovsync programs, we aim to help you increase your pregnancy rate and decrease your calving interval while maintaining excellent value for money.  


We often combine these visits with routine foot trimming using our hydraulic crush charged per head at competititve lay foot trimmer rates.  This allows prompt treatment of lame cows or efficient routine trimming or dry and mid lactation animals.  Depending on farm facilities we can usually work on a batch without any help, letting you get on with other jobs!  The foot crush is also ideal for fertility testing new or suspect bulls with our electo-ejaculator equipment.


We also take a proactive approach to calf and heifer health and can advise on management and vaccination protocols as require to maximise growth rates and minimise mortality.  



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